Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use your affiliate program to make money?
Place our banners and/or links on your website or within emails you send to readers registered with your site. When a visitor or reader clicks the link and makes a purchase within 90 days, you will be credited with 20% of that sale. How and where you place your affiliate links is up to you.
How do I join?
You're on the correct path, just click "Signup Now" at the top or bottom of this page.
I forgot my user name or password, what do I do?
Contact us by emailing
Can I make money on the purchases I make?
Yes! Feel free to use your own affiliate link to make purchases on our site.
How do you track my affiliate links so I know I’m getting credit for my customer’s purchases?
When you give your affiliate link to someone and they click on it, first their IP address is logged and remembered. If an IP address is unusable, a cookie is inserted on their web browser which our affiliate program recognizes. Every time they make a purchase the IP address or cookie will be used to to give you the credit. That cookie lasts 90 days.
Does this apply to your subscriptions products?
Yes, and we think this is a BIG DEAL! It is now the driving force behind many of our affiliate partners. When a subscription product is purchased, you will receive a commission payout for every month that subscription renews. That could be a decent monthly source of revenue.
What happens if that person's browser does not accept cookies or that person does not make a purchase until after 90 days?
Sadly, your account will not be credited for any purchases made by that person.
Do you have promotional material that I can use?
Yes, we have two places where you can find promotional material that you can copy to your computer and print. The best place for material is in your affiliate account. If you are a bit technical you can take any of our other items and apply your affiliate link to them, thus making a custom banner ad or image.
I find my affiliate link very confusing. Is there a way to simplify the link?
Not really... It's best to use the original link so it can be easily read. You also won't risk messing up your affiliate tracking.
What, how, and when do I get paid?
Depending on what you sell and how much you sell, you will get 20% for each unit you sell. We'll pay you once a month for the previous month's sales… given that you've made over $25. Paypal is the only option for getting paid at present.
Some sales will include Tennessee Sales Tax and Shipping. Do I receive a commission on those items?
What if a product is on sale or someone uses a coupon code to get a discount?
You will receive a commission on the price of the product at the final moment of sale, not on the listed retail price.
What if someone buys a product, then returns it later - do I have to give the commission back?
Although refunds are quite rare, they do happen in some instances. If that does happen, we will simply place a debit for the amount of the refunded commission in your account, then balance it out with credits from other sales for that amount.